Sonora Leigh Creative Studio is rooted in three values:


We believe the foundation for power and effectiveness is honesty and transparency. We say what we mean. Your brand will, too.


We go all out when it comes to design. We defy known boundaries to create new possibility.


We prefer collaboration over competition. Creativity thrives when we contribute to each other.

Guiding principles:

Always work on next

We anticipate and appreciate change. We have the foresight to look towards the future.

Dare to innovate

Creativity doesn’t always make sense.

Turn ideas into action

Ideas do nothing in our heads. We conceptualize, then execute.

Go the Extra Mile

It's never crowded - Wayne Dyer

Indulge your imagination

Inspiration comes from everywhere and we learn from everyone.

Open the door with respect

Amazing things will happen.

Jennifer Bianchi, owner and founder of Sonora Leigh Creative Studio in Phoenix, Arizona

I’m Jennifer Bianchi, owner and design principal at Sonora Leigh Creative Studio.

I work with businesses of all sizes to provide streamlined design solutions. I show clients where to start, and guide them on the path to make an investment work for the long-term.

Design is meant to elevate your business, not sink it — those first impressions matter. People feel connected to a brand that speaks to them. I help you find the heart of your brand to create designs that bring confidence and clarity for you and your customers.

I am an ESFJ and Enneagram 9 which makes me naturally passionate about forging authentic human connections and learning about people. I learn so much from my clients, and I’m fortunate to have them learn from me.

As a Landmark graduate, I’m wholly committed to personal development, striving to grow better and deeper every day. The more I know about myself, I find, the better I can be for others.

Outside of the design world, I love to travel the world in search of inspiration, read way too many books at once, and discover new music.